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    Buying Parts Through the Repair Shop

    That depends on how much profit they want to make. We do not know their profit margins.
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    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    Not our guys. They commute in Los Angela's traffic every day. At least 3 hrs each way. On Friday night it can take 6+ hrs to get home.
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    Diesel Tuner goes to prison.

    Ya. I didn't know any better. I do now lol. But it's not a good idea to post about emissions mods on a public forum. I see it often here.
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    Deluge of spam calls

    I'm getting some with my area code but weird prefix
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    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    The people pushing this technology never leave their city. Won't work in real world usage.
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    Mismarked oil

    Send it to me for proper disposal
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    Diesel Tuner goes to prison.

    I just stuck the nozzle in the filler and shoved it in circles to enlarge the hole. Then I could use the regular pump. On a side note many people that live in a place with no emissions testing think that are exempt from the rules. Including people on this forum.
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    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    If you can go with an aftermarket cat and whatever else you should be able to get it back drivable for less than $500.
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    Clutch safety switch purpose?

    My Jeep has an empty spot in the fuse box to bypass the clutch start switch. It was the first thing I did was to put that fuse in. On my f250 I cut and spliced the wires to bypass that switch.
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    Kelly Tires really?

    Kelly tires have been around for as long as I have been driving. That's nearly 40 years.
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    Oil Questiin

    The one below the coil is the engine oil. The other is the transmission dipstick.
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    Why should i not use a motorcycle oil in a car?

    Motorcycles use the same stuff. If it's good enough for a bike it's plenty for a car
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    Fuel quality 1984 vs today

    By the mid 70's all engines had induction hardened valve seats for unleaded gas. The original 1975 ,345 international I took apart years ago had the hard seats factory installed.