Zero Turn Mower Hydro Unit Oil Change

Sep 26, 2002
Central Arkansastan
I have a Snapper ZT mower that I've had since 2019. It uses Hydro-Gear EZT 2200 drives. These are "serviced for life" units, but many videos of how to replace the oil in those. That being said, since I will change the oil in these units at some time, how many hours would be good on it for that change? I'm not worried about the time or trouble removing the units to service them, but like "serviced for life" transmissions, the thought of "serviced for life" and me being a member of an OCD group like BITOG requires I delve into changing this fluid. I am thinking, should I go ahead and do it this now, while the unit has low hours, or wait till it passes 100 hours or so? Thoughts?
On my Hydro-Gear ZT-2800, they recommend to do your first change at 75 hours and every 400 hours after. I think that is their blanket recommendations for all their serviceable units. Considering that, up to 75 hours is good. I would recommend using a 15w50 full synthetic if you go to that effort.
Cool. Just curious, it is stated a 20w-50, what advantage does the 15w-50 have?
15w50 tends to be a full synthetic by the big name company. If you go through the bother of changing your oil in them, you might as well us a better oil. Mobil 1 15w50 is a popular use. 20w50 is typically conventional. 15w50 is well within Hydro-Gears recommendations and works just as good.