Yokohama IceGuard ig 53

Jun 1, 2012
Last chance for me to get semi-affordable new winter tires is the Yokohama IceGuard ig 53, till Monday at DTD.

Anyone here have experience with these tires? Reviews range from very good to terrible. They lag behind top-tier tires in test results, as expected. But they are from a respected manufacturer and quick action could result in a set of new winter tires on my Sonata by next week for slightly more than $300 OTD. Nothing else is close to that price in 205/65R16.

They are studless, T-speed rated, 11/32" tread, could be run into spring if needed. I am tempted, since I am the guy who nags friends and co-workers that winter tires are worth the cost and hassle. (I live in northeastern PA, a sort of gray area where winter tires definitely help but most folks can get by with all-seasons.)

Still in shock over tire prices but it looks like that ain't gonna get better.
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Hard to beat that price esp in that popular size. They should be much better than the highest ranked all seasons in the snow.
I would not hesitate. I worked in the tire industry for many years and Yokohama is easily one of the best performance for the dollar brands, maybe even the best. I use the V905 tire on my own car currently.