Wired Electrical Event

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Dec 2, 2005
Kennett Square, PA
Re 2010 Acura MDX Wife driving in light rain. Says car turned blue momentarily like it was struck or engulfed by an electrical charge. After event all seemed normal. I’ll check it out when she gets home but wondered if anyone has a clue as to what happened. Thanks. PS Wife does not take meds or use psychotropic drugs.
Wife says she heard electrical buzzing while windshield lit up blue, espically on right side. She thinks she felt vibration in steering wheel too. I wonder if a transformer just happened to blow while she drove by the pole. I will check for stored codes.
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It would be interesting to see if there are any codes stored in the ECU.
No codes or any other evidence of a malfunction.
something like this happened to me while driving in a torrential downpour. I ran over something on the highway as i felt it. Like maybe a power line. I heard a loud electrical buzz and a bright blue light. Scared the [censored] out of me and my friend. Scariest drive I have ever been on. there was so much water coming down that my brakes stopped working while driving through the street. I passed up my apartment entrance because I couldnt stop. This was in my 84 Mercedes.
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What’s weird is being pitched around in a STOL aircraft and then bolts peeling off around/through the cabin.
Sounds to me like this happened. Make sure she checks her tailpipe! UFO Meteor shower? Shooting star? Saw one on the freeway at night, wife saw the whole thing I just saw the car light up for a second.
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My brother-in-law was driving his Dodge pickup in a rain storm and his vehicle was actually hit by lighting. The vehicle was totalled because the electrical system was fried. You haven't been watching any old X-files episodes where they look at their watch to see if they lost time from an alien abduction? (J/K!)
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