Winchester 350 Legend round

Mar 2, 2013
The Midwest
Spotted Winchester 350 Legend ammo at a Walmart store this morning. I never heard of the round. $12.44 for a box of 20 rounds.
Developed for use in states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges.

Can be used to hunt deer at 150-250 yards ? This is an exciting new development 😷
This is a new round, sure, but it's not that new. Lighter recoiling option vs. the 450 Bushmaster. Relatively accurate to 200 yards. Typically you'll be able to find lower-end factory rifles with this chambering. Probably the Ruger American is the best bet, but it's your choice. I personally would not spend more than $400 on a 350 Legend rifle. Pretty much any rifle these days will go 200 yards on a deer zero and the 350 Legend will fall off after that.

It's also a popular cartridge with those who have custom AR builds. Those bullets are FMJ... just target.
In Ohio and a few other states, we can't hunt with a .270, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor and so on. While this cartridge makes no sense in Utah, it makes perfect sense in Ohio.
I like the cartridge for Georgia because most of our hunting (of deer) is going to be within 100 yards anyway. And the rifles in this chambering are typically shorter barreled and thus light (and also cheap). The last deer I harvested was a solid 25 yards from me. The marksmanship...

With a 350 Legend I'd zero it at 50 yards and be good to go out to 125 or so on the scope's center dot. Simple.
The past year or so, my interest was stirred as I visited Walmart, Cabelas, Sportsman Warehouse, etc.... Consistently, 350 Legend ammo was in every store and usually a good bit of inventory. I didn't know anything about the new round and didn't give it attention with my pocketbook. I am still home-bound, getting over severe COVID (9 day Hospital Stay in Nov.), so I had plenty of time to continue my research online, while also calling every gun shop within a 100 miles of me. I was impacted by the many stories coming out of Michigan, Ohio and Iowa of female and teenage hunters loving the 350 Legend because of effectiveness and low recoil.

I dove in and hope the Kool Aid is good!

I needed and wanted a compact little brush gun, as my property is a thicket of Oak Brush with abundant wildlife in the Western US. We purchased the property 6 months ago and through the fall months, Black Bear have have been a nuisance (getting into trash and breaking into out-buildings), and according to the local Fish and Game officer.... way over populated. There is also a good group of Mule Deer and I will be hunting them the fall of 2022.

I opted for the Savage 110 Switchback from Sportsman Warehouse.

I mounted a 1.25-4.5x26 and love the look. Can't wait to get her on the range to sight in and enjoy.

I purchased 7 boxes of the $16 a box, Winchester 145gr ammo to break it in and get it 'rough' sighted. I also purchased 5 boxes of Winchester 180gr soft tip for hunting. I will be purchasing dies and after I run through those 140 rounds... I will be reloading that brass.


For states that require a straight walled cartridge, this is a good choice. It fills that niche.

I had thought it was a good choice for a semi-auto as well. I’m a bit fuzzy on the articles I read when it first came out.

Either way, I like the choice of scope. LPVO (low power variable optic) is very popular in tactical circles because of the balance between quick acquisition and precision.

For your situation; thickets and woods, I would think it’s ideal.

Congratulations on the new rifle!