How common are ammo issues/misfires?


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Aug 27, 2004
Katy, Republic of Texas
Thanks for the info. So of course now that I bring the subject up, guess what happened today at the range? Yup, a few firing issues. Had 4 failure to ejects (3 of them the empty case prevented the new round from entering the barrel, one was a true stove pipe), and then I had an issue with the slide not staying open after the last round was fired several times (did it with both the 7 and 8rd magazine). The bulk of the ammo I was using was Winchester USA Forged brown box (9mm 115gr steel case ammo). First time using this (Wamart has it for ~$23 for a box of 150). Shot ~ 300 rounds in the M&P9 Shield, and this is the weapon I had issues with. My Ruger P89 shot 150 rounds without a single issue. All 4 FTE were from the same box (the first one I used), but the other 2 boxes were fine. 30 rounds from that box were shot from the Ruger with no issues, so 4 FTE in the M&P in 120 rounds I think the issue with the slide not staying open is a grip issue. I am working on my grip with the smaller gun. First time I shot the gun a few weeks ago, I was low left the entire time, so in reading and watching videos, figured out I was not gripping correctly (not enough support from my left hand), so adjusted my grip today. Much better grouping, still a touch low (about 1 ring), but am at least centered left/right. I read that the slide not staying open after last round is often a user issue (limp wrist or hitting the thumb on the slide release). Need to check that next time I shoot. Don't think it is limp wristing, and know my right thumb is positioned differently than last time. Shot single hand (each hand) with 2 magazines each and never had an issue with it then. It happened with all 3 ammo types I used today (mostly the Winchester brown box, ~100 Fiocchi 115g (which had no issue in over 300 rounds last time shooting with different grip) and 25 Hornady XTP 115g (will be my supplemental EDC along with Federal Hydrashock)), so don't think it is an ammo issue for that part. Also having some issues with the 7 round magazine (follower gets jammed when loading first round using a speed loader). Not sure if it is a magazine issue or the speedloader I am using (a 3d printed one from e-bay).