Will Fumoto drain work upside down?

Jun 29, 2005
E. Texas
I bought a new Honda truck and decided to start changing my own oil again. Based on recommendations here, I purchased the Fumoto plug to make my job easier. Fumoto suggested I get the adapter as well since many Honda's need it do to the plug being recessed rather than flat against the pan. I got under there the other day to size it up (still a ways to go to my first oil change). It is hard to tell but there may be very little, if any, room for me to get my finger up there to release the little spring lever if it is right side up. Does anyone who uses this thing know if it will work and drain properly if I find myself having to turn the plug upside down? I ask because the top seems to have little vent holes or something that may need to be facing up rather than down. Also, when I go to tighten it I want it only snug and do not want to force it to make it right side up. This may seem like a dumb question but I have heard that due to Honda's use of aluminum pans (very expensive), I can easily ruin the threads if not careful.