Which hot dog is the best? Blind taste test

Second video:

#3 beltmanns
#2 Wal Mart WOW
#1 Sabrett

I have never had a Sabrett, but will be on the lookout for that brand. If I can't find Sabrett, guess Wal-mart is a decent second choice :unsure:
Gotta fly to JFK/EWR/LGA, take a train or a bus into Manhattan for that authentic New York Sabrett experience. Those Sabrett’s carts are everywhere in Manhattan - can’t miss them.

Sabrett is a quintessentially New York thing, along with NYC-style bagels and pizza.
If you’re ever in the Buffalo WNY region, try Sahlens hotdogs. They are pretty darn good but not readily accessible throughout the country.
I can't eat hotdogs unless they are coarse ground. We had a Wimmer's in West Point NE but it closed down a couple years ago, they had the best coarse dogs with natural casing, a lot of gas stations around here sold them.
1. Hebrew National
2. Nathan's
3. Thanks, I'll pass and have something else until 1 or 2 is available again.
This is my favorite hot dog . :ROFLMAO:
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Sabrett, Hoffman’s, and Vienna Beef are some of my favorites. Ive occasionally had a really large, fat hot dog, at the hospital where our kids were born, and it’s grilled, super juicy, and really good. No idea who makes it.