Which Engine oil for Honda k20c1 Type r?

Apr 15, 2023
Hello @all.

I have bought a Honda Civic Type r With the k20c1 Engine. The oem will 0W20 ( only Honda oem 0W20 ) or ACEA A5/B5 With 0W30/5W30. Mobil one recommends ESP LV 0W30 With A5/B5. Do you think it will be good enough? I only drive in the summer, the power is oem. What do you think? No racetrack.
The nem mobil 1 esp 5W30 with api sp? I have read about mobil 1 fs 0W40, but Too much ash und calcium is Not good for this Engine, Right? WhatsApp Abluft acea c5/c6 and mb 229.72?
I have a 2019 FK8 CTR. I run it on 0w20 Valvoline EP on 5,000-ish intervals with Champ XL filters and have zero issues. Level stays solid where I fill it to. Dilution does not impact the K20C1's as badly as it does the L15's. These are tricky to fill properly due to the orange plastic at the end of the dipstick. Go slowly. Spec for FK8 says 5.7qts during a service with filter but I have never gotten near that number. I'm the only one to put a wrench to it outside of an alignment since I drove it off the showroom floor in April of 2020. I have almost 60k on it traveling the USA for IndyCar & IMSA events. Great car, gets a ton of attention though.

Passing on some advice here. Check your valve cover gasket, leaking is a known issue ~ Backside of the valve cover, directly above the intake manifold. Part is cheap, I did it myself but it's also a warranty item. You do not want oil making it's way down the back/side of the engine and getting to the clutch. There are documented cases of that happening on the FK8, not sure about the FK2 but assume it applies since the powertrain is nearly identical.
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The new ESP 5W30 with API SP no longer looks quite as "good" as the old one, which only had API SN. The question is whether I absolutely need an ACEA C3 oil?
Doesn't anyone have an idea? An engine oil for normal driving, accelerate from time to time. No greater mileage per year. What would you recommend?
Doesn't anyone have an idea? An engine oil for normal driving, accelerate from time to time. No greater mileage per year. What would you recommend?
Not when you’re coming from the standpoint of saying that one oil doesn’t look as good as it used to because of the typical values on a PDS.

Weren’t you already in a discussion before about C3 oils? I know you have a different user name but you’re posting style and your question seem very familiar.
I have read and followed several threads here, but never came up with a suitable result for me. I will try the above Castrol once, have currently filled Rowe, from the previous owner. Thank you very much
I had already read something. With turbo engines, you should go to API SP if possible, is that true? I only have ACEA A5 in the instructions.
have read in several forums, and there were some in favour of the fact that you should mainly pay attention to the Turbo direct injection engine, even if not everyone is affected by it. Therefore, I am unsure whether I should take a fullsaps a5 or go towards api sp.?
Adequate MOFT is your friend as well as oxidation resistance and deposit control. Something with BMW Longlife-04 or VW 504 00 approval along with ACEA C3 would be appropriate.
And a C3 oil wouldn't be too thick if you actually needed 0W20? Which oil can be particularly recommended?
What is moft?