Which car battery?

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Dec 16, 2006
East Coast
I have a choice of Group 24F battery or Group 35 battery that fits my car. From the photos, the Group 24F battery is smaller and also has more CCA.

Advance sells AutoCraft Silver for $80 and Titanium line for $90.

Are the AutoCraft batteries any good?

Is the Titanium line much better than the Silver line?

Which Group should I go with?

I have a $10 OFF for Advance plus another 10% Off coupon direct from the store Manager. The only reason I'm thinking of looking at the Advance Auto batteries is due to the price reduction after these coupons.

Any other recommendations?
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Which has the higher CCA, reserve capacity and Ah capacity?

Unless youre worried about weight, or there is a fitment issue, Id pick based upon those metrics. Reserve capacity and Ampere-hours are more important, as they will provide insight into how deep you actually discharge your battery with use. Warranty should be secondary - a less stressed battery may well last better anyhow.
Is the Duralast Gold or Red from AutoZone better than the AutoCraft Silver or Titanium line?

Is the Duralast and AutoCraft line both made by Johnson's Controls?
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Looks like the photos are a bit misleading.

Is the AutoCraft line made by Johnsons Controls like the Duralast line?

I've also priced a Nissan battery for $79.99 but it has less CCA.

Anyone know who makes the Nissan batteries?
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