Where's Supertech 15W40?

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Howdy fellow oilers: Has Walmart/Supertech stopped making 15W40? I can't find it at either of our two local Walmarts. I was in Orlando Florida this past week at a conference, and while everyone else went golfing or "other places," I went to the local Walmart and checked out the oil section. They too did not carry Supertech 15W40. Did Wally World stop carrying this weight?
I've seen it here in ohio, and its the mobile, via paulsboro, nj refinery oil here. I work at a walmart distribution center. I will walk the staple stock oil module next week when I get back to work from vacation for fun to find out.
Some stores and areas dont get the same products. If a product doesent do well in one store, or if the area overall doesent sell enough of the product serviced by the dc, they sometimes discontinue the product for all the stores serviced by that dc, or it might be hit and miss on what stores carry it. I've seen pallets 2 years old of crock pots, vacuum cleaners..., that wal-mart has at the dc that the stores dont want. They have a lifetime supply of the emerson weather radios at my dc, and decided to give away one to everybody at the dc.
Just got back from WM. Pleanty of Supertech 15w-40 and everything else. MC filters are still in their normal place at their normal price. ST filters are still in their limited space at their limited price and Fram is everywhere.
I have noticed that Walmarts in smaller, more rural towns have a larger selection of 15W-40 oils than more suburban-type Walmarts. Both Sam's and Costco around here carry 15W-40 in at least one name brand, so check there if you can. Our Walmart clearanced one quart bottles of Supertech 15W-40, but retained the gallon jugs.
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