Where to purchase set of new steel wheels

Talks of O.E.M wheel having better weight distribution because they're more snug / fit around the hub than some aftermarket steel wheels . States it at 1:08 in the video .

great point, I will need to pay attention to the hub bore size.

Do you want TPMS? Because the sensors for steel wheels are a different part number compared to alloys.
If we’re talking the OEM Pacific(also sold as Denso) or TRW TPMS sensor, yes but I’ve noticed Toyota uses clamp-in sensors(and so does Honda) on steelies.

More than likely, I have a feeling the OP will opt for programmable aftermarket sensors(such as Autel MX-Sensor/BH/Schrader) to have the same IDs unless the RAV4 has a provision for a second set of IDs to be stored.
I have a 2021 f150 i got some steel 2013 wheels. A little elbow grease and some paint brought them back to life.
I had snow tires and wheels from my last truck. The rims didn’t fit but the tires were correct.
I swapped the tires, got some aftermarket programmable tpms and cloned my 2021 stock tpms. Got them balanced and i sold the alloy wheels that didn’t fit. My total out of pocket parts and labor to get my new truck set up with the snow tires was $198
I figure I probably have 5 more seasons on these tires I put them on late and remove early. 800-1500 miles per year.
Don't be afraid of factory steel wheels if they are correct and not damaged.
You can spend a little time cleaning/painting you can save some cash.