Where to buy cloth car cover?

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Aug 3, 2003
My cloth car cover that I bought in '85 from JC Whitney is beginning to dry rot. I have looked all over for a replacement but cant find cloth anymore. I like it because I now only use it for a dust cover (garage kept) and it is fairy light and very soft. I'm not too sure about Polypropylene, seems it may not be soft and too subject to tears? Would like to keep it to $75 or less, just something for a dust cover. I did find one made from taffeta?? Any suggestions?
I think you will have to pay over $100 to get any type of decent cloth cover. Maybe even $150 now. I do agree that cloth is better. Since they will often last 10 years I think it is worth it to pay a bit more as you will notice the quality every day. I also like to get a cover with mirror pockets since it fits and stays in place better. I keep my 1993 car covered and it really makes a difference to the paint and interior. Mine is from North Coast Tarpaulin Works but I don't know if they are still in business.
We;ve tried many, and the absolute best are made by Covercraft purchased from AutoAnything. OldCowboy provided the link.
I should add that when I say 'cloth' I am really referring to cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend, usually single layer like my resent cover.
Since no one has any recommendations for a woven cotton or cotton/syn cover less than $100, anybody familiar with the non woven Polypropylene fabric covers for indoor use? Do they rip easy or harm the finish?
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