Where does Valvoline get......

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May 28, 2002
"the #1 oil used by top mechanics in their own cars". Did they do a poll or something?
I won't touch that with a 10 foot pole!!!

Number 1 with mechanics? If that were really true, it would be a darn good reason to stay away from it.

Ever notice how a mechanic will sometimes have a crappy car to work on in his spare time? A constant project, even though he has the means to buy a better car? Theory: the mechanic uses Valvoline so he gets to rebuild the engine sooner than if he had used a decent oil.

Edit: I am not knocking mechanics. Example: I am a Computer Science major, yet I have a crappy computer. Same picture.

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I've noticed up here that a lot of shops have a bulk supply of Valvoline in their shop, I think perhaps Valvoline has some sort of sweetheart deal that's better than other oil companies. So these mechanics get the oil for free for their own use. That's why it's their #1 choice! That's my theory anyways.
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