What you don't want in your oil.

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Jan 20, 2004
I found this surfing the net today. It's a 2.0 GM turbo from a sunbird. Apparently he overreved it.

Are you sure that came out of a sunbird? With the sparkles and the shades, that looks like something the Hubble telescope might have taken. Probably a nebula something or another!

Originally posted by rgl:
I am no testing expert, but I think iron is going to be pretty high in a UOA of that oil

LAB Comments:

Iron was slightly elevated but this is most likely due to the engine still undergoing break in wear. We have trends on this motor which show break in wear levels off at around the 25,000 mile mark. We suggest increasing your drain interval another 1000 miles and re-sample.
I did find this in the first (and only) 350 I ever re-built-


Apparently, I failed to properly torque down the rod caps. The nuts spun off at about 2,500 rpm if I recall. After towing how, we did a tear down and found af ew other objects.

The cam was broken into five pieces.
A rod bearing folded up like a stick of gum.
Chunks of cylinder bore.
The rod cap with part of it sheared off.
A shattered hydraulic lifter. (I can take it apart to see inside)

Motto, always check your work. I think I was 19 at the time and figuerd a book was all I would need to assemble an engine.

Oh yeah, the oil was Penzoil. I think I had 100 miles tops on the engine when this happened.
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