What to use next?

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
The 09’ Camry of mine, 2AZ-FE engine wondering what oil to use next oil change. Plan to maybe use some Harvest King 5w20 Synthetic I have or I have some QSGB 5w20 still. The Harvest King HDEO 5w40 I sold already. What would you folks use?
Well, friend stoped by and asked about my QSGB 5w20. His daughter got a newer Honda van and is pregnant. So I felt bad and gave him the QSGB. Snagged some MS5k 5 w20 at rural king on sale $11.99/5quart jug til end of month. Also grabbed a MC FL-820 For co workers f-150.

will use the MS5K next oil change