What is your favorite and least favorite auto parts supplier?

My favorite is Rock Auto for selection, price and quick no hassle orders. Least favorite is Advance Auto. Their web site is poor and is a big time consuming hassle being in the store, long waiting just to make a quick purchase.

Learn from my experience ... if the part you receive does not fit or is not compatible with your application (even though the RA site states that it does) your only option (if you want a refund) is to pay for return shipping on your nickel. Most of my orders have been spot on but it is the few where I get a part that should work, but doesn't ... I have to pay for their mistake.
They're all the same imo. If I need one, I just go with the best part for the money, and availability.
I usually buy from Rockauto. I want to give my local NAPA my business but prices are too high.
I like Autozone and Rock Auto...... I'll shop at Advance or O'Reilly's if they have what I need and Autozone doesn't.

I very rarely go into a NAPA. Their stores have terrible hours, and they never have what I need anyway.

Does Pep Boys still sell parts? They were the absolute worst! And they were by far the most expensive.
I have 3 Toyota/Lexus vehicles and a Honda CR-V (2008, 175k). I try to do OEM Parts for the Toyo/Lexus vehicles, down to wiper blades/refills, oil filters and everything. I did put chinese hatch struts on my LX570 and RX350 (rear and hood). It looks like I'm about to buy a set of hood struts for my Tundra.

For the CR-V, I bought a pair of OEM wiper blades, I will be able to use OEM wiper refills from now on. I bought an AutoZone high pressure PS Hose assembly and Napa Vtec Solenoid. Used Raybestos rear rotors and Napa "Best" pads. I am using Idemitsu H-type transmission fluid and Lubeguard Power steering fluid.

I intend on keeping the Toyotas/Lexus vehicles until they die. With that said, I order a lot of parts through Lagrange Toyota (I can pick up myself) and Bell Lexus in Scottsdale AZ. Both have great, aggressive, online pricing for OEM parts.

Does it show?
Having three Toyota/Lexus SUV's my first store I go to is Bell Lexus in Scottsdale AZ

Free shipping on $100+ orders along with quick shipping

Amazon or E Bay on rare occasions

There is a nearby NAPA which is essentially and oil storehouse.
They supply garages by being a parts fetcher.
Again, it's all about each individual store.

I saw a huge delivery of exhaust parts on the floor of a new O'Reilly's. The guy working there said that their spearhead was being a competent exhaust part supplier.
I guess I have to jump on the napa bandwagon, as being the most useless out of all suppliers. I had a store 3 blocks from my house where I tried to buy from, only problem was they didn't carry anything but oil for the most part. Always the same answer, we'll have it here tomorrow. The last time I went there before they closed up, there was 3 people in line in front of me. All were given the same answer, so they said no thanks and left. When it was my turn I got the same answer. So I went to the local advanced auto parts store, where everyone else went. We looked at each other and laughed. No mystery why they closed.,,
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Worst? Why bother finding out who is the worst? Go with the guy who takes care of you, the guy with the good parts, and they guy that has the parts you need.