What Grease For a Handgun Suppressor?

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Mar 24, 2015
Hello all, I'm posing this question to you guys as the authority on grease to see what you come up with as the one I should use for my suppressors. The grease needed will be used to lubricate the piston system in the suppressor, otherwise know as a Nielson Device or LID ( linear inertial decoupler. The grease will be subjected to the main blast from the muzzle of the pistol as well as reciprocating mechanical motion. I called a couple of the manufacturers of suppressors to ask what they use and as I expected they didn't have the best reasons as to why they chose what they recommended. The reason always was, "That's what we've had the best luck with". Here's what I was recommended, in no particular order: Lucas White Lithium Grease Loctite Viper Lube Mobil 1 synthetic chassis grease ( ? ) HAWG Grease All but HAWG grease have MSDS sheets available and I have become weary of products who hold secret raw data like that as snake oil, I could be wrong though. here is a link to the HAWG grease for reference: https://randclp.com/product/hawg-grease-4oz/ HAWG GREASE From a grease standpoint, in my application, what should I be looking for? Should I be concerned with the highest melting point, boiling point and flash points? what do those even mean? Do I need synthetic? Is lithium automatically synthetic? Do I have to buy something specific that plays well with the Titanium, Stainless Steel, Inconel and aluminum that these things are made of? How bout the Viton O ring friendly? I know whatever grease is used will only be good for maybe 100-200 rounds before it either burns off or looses effectiveness, so to some degree the cost of grease may be some what of a factor too. Anyway, please let me know what you guys think and what I could potentially use. I'll leave a few pics for those who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about. In addition, I will post this in the firearms section as well for those members who may not reach this sub forum. Mods, if one thread must be deleted I'll leave it to you to decide where you think the topic belongs for the most help. Thanks in advance, RR Here is the assembly laid out Here is a close up of the pistons. the splines will make contact inside the suppressor bottom here we are looking from the bottom of the suppressor, can you see the contact points the splines from the piston recess into?
Contact silencerco or gemtech. You could ask your ffl who did your paperwork what they recommend. My guess is a thin lube not grease but ask for certain. I bet Archoil LP with WS2 would work but call them. Ask for alex.
Mobil 28 (MIL-PRF-81322G) is a PAO oil based grease with clay thickener. It contains no paraffins or conventional oils. As such, it will not coke or run out when used in very high temperature applications. I use it regularly in unusual high temperature situations with excellent results. I make no claims that it's the absolute best grease for high temperature applications, but as an overall choice, it's probably the most troublefree grease that can handle just about anything thrown at it. Corrosion resistance is superb, as is ease of disassembly and cleanup after extreme use. Use it with confidence.
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Mobil 28 leaks out of components just sitting in the desert heat. Hate the stuff. How about TW25B? I think it would be the ideal choice.
Some oil will separate from Mobil 28. But it's not due to heat. What remains is still excellent.
Well I switched a fleet to Aeroshell 22 - it stayed in its place. TW25B is a gun grease and is used on some heavy stuff. I use it on my guns on all sliding parts, excluding places that specifically call for oil.
Given that you will be inhaling a fine mist of the stuff with every shot, I would choose the least toxic variety I could find.
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