Wavy-looking Fram SureGrip?

Jan 2, 2004
Noticed this on a PH4386 I picked up at HD for my next oil change - the SureGrip coating isn’t “sharply” masked off like on many non-AAP Frams. I’m still going to use this but I wonder if the PLCs controlling the coating line or the line inspector was on acid…
Taken in isolation, this probably isn't an issue, but with the recent dissatisfaction involving the new construction of the Ultras, this will get the juices flowing for some.
I’ve searched for a video of the application process but could not find one. Be assured these things run through the assembly line at several per second, so a glitch would affect hundreds at a time. I don’t think their QA calls this a fail. Although this is the worst one I’ve seen, I have noticed many more with with a sloppy edge.