Water in 1 week old oil

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Jul 4, 2003
I changed the oil and filter in my 1967 Allis D17 last weekend (7qts 15w40 Pennz Long Life) and had not noticed that the rain cap on the muffler was stuck in the up postion. Well it rained alot this last week and when I started it this morning it blew oily water all over the place. Once it cleaned it self out and I ran it at high idle about 1000 rpms for 10-20 mins I shut it off and checked the oil and it was a little cloudy. I was wondering if you guys think I should change the oil or will the rain water burn off?
I would change the oil, cloudy oil is an indication of water and oil mix. Seven quarts is cheap insurance. Personally if that happens again, I would change the oil first before running it. JMO [Smile]
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