Watching Netflix on Vizio E470VL..

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We like our Amazon Firestick, for the most part. A little more lag than I expected, but it's good for the price.
Roku all flavors of it but do really like the ones with the earphone jack on the side of the remote. That is how you can watch with the tv sound off while everyone is sleeping.
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Can I run an RJ-45 to HDMI adaptor from router to tv?
No. Your router is not a Netflix player. You need to use a Netflix supported device: The Roku player suggested earlier is a good option, and you can use it for a lot more than just Netflix.
The Roku is good, but I much prefer my Chromecast. You pull it up on your phone which is a must easier interface to use and then just cast it to your TV.
Roku Express. 3900RW model. It came out recently, rated well by CNET. 30-35$ plugs into HDMI and you can access other apps too. Comes with a remote. Or, if you watch blu rays, you can buy a smart blu ray player that has apps enabled.
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My wife and I watch about 90% Netflix, 5% YouTube, and 5% broadcast. Our daughter is 100% Netflix. What do we watch on Netflix? Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Trailer Park Boys (just me), travel shows, history and nature documentaries, movies of all kinds, etc.
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