Volvo taking on water, don't know what else to fix

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Nov 22, 2005
Charlotte, NC
I am stumped. Have had my '90 740 wagon for 3 months and she's always taken on water during rain. The water gathers and hangs ten in the front and rear passenger side floor. Sunroof drain isn't clogged. I resealed the plastic cover behind ECU. Yesterday, removed cowl and resealed fan cover which was loose and definitely allowed water to come in via the blower. Rained last night and same [censored] puddle in floor. Where else could water infiltrate?
Windshield gasket. Any sort of hole, under the rear section of the hood, where it covers above the firewall.

Plugged drains in the bottom of the doors.

Try to find it with a helper with a hose. You inside the car, helper training hose in different places until you find the inrush of water. Good luck.
I had the same thing on my Cherokee with the antenna wire.
Make sure there is a decent grommet/gasket or the water will run down the wire.
Sunroof drains (there are either 2 or 4 on this car) being plugged are a common cause of water on the floor.

How did you verify that the sunroof drains are not plugged?
Blew out both drains with compressed air, poured bottle of water in sunroof guttering to visually confirm at bottom drain exit.
Check the hardware mounted on the B pillar. The B pillar is the one the front doors strike onto and the rear coos hinge upon. Door strikes and hinges often have gaskets where they mount against the hallow pillars. Kira
Theses sun roofs are notorious for leaking even in the smallest gaps. I would seal mine every year with silicone and still could never get it to stop leaking.

I was very successful in the since it rarely happened but its never fun coming to a stop at a red light and having a cup of water poured on you head/back of your neck..
Might have to take off the fresh air intake panel and clean the debris out of there and blow out the drain hoses. It's the panel/grill between the hood and the windshield.
I had one of these with a rust hole in the floorboard. There's a brace at about the front of the seat track and the hole was under/above this brace and hard to see/find.
Sit in the car while someone gets the hose out and hose off the entire car in every area possible.
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