VOA - BMW LL-01 TwinPower Turbo 5W-30

Jan 8, 2023
I originally was going to do a VOA for the BMW LL-01FE 0W-30 since the dealer can use this oil on my B46TU under the free 3 years / 30,000 miles BMW maintenance. But I came across this BMW LL-01 5W-30 (83 21 5 A2A F83; production date 02/23/2022) at the part store and wondered if it is any good.

Unlike the LL-01FE 0W-30, which is supplied by Shell, this LL-01 5W-30 is supplied by Castro (according to BMW tech docs). From the VOA, it seems that the LL-01 has lots of Calcium but almost no Molybdenum and Titanium. Can someone shed some light on whether this oil is ok? Thanks in advance!

I probably won't end up using this LL-01. I plan to do a 5,000 miles OCI with Ravenol VST 5W-40 and BMW LL01FE 0W-30 when the car is serviced at the dealer.


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