Valvoline VR1 50W racing oil

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Apr 30, 2005
Columbus, OH
Since all I had laying around to put in my '76 Torino with the 351M was 4qt of 5W30 and 1qt of 10w40, and it clicks and ticks like crazy, I figured it needs to be thicker. 2qt of this 50W stuff and it's mostly quiet except for a single clack from what I believe to be a stuck valve.

I'll be changing the oil again in about 800 miles, want to get something in there that isn't a mishmash, and 5qt bottles are perfect for that. Too bad HDEO isn't sold in 5qt, only gallon. But the truckers need gallons for their rigs so I understand.
A good 20W50 was on my mental list of oils to try. I can get the SuperTech in the 5qt jug and there are a handful of other brands that offer it. Right now my primary concern other than keeping the motor from blowing up or the brakes from failing is what motor to put in it next. I did find a 302 EFI HO motor and AOD transmission from a 1986 Mustang, the transmission is good and the motor needs "rebuilt" but the seller doesn't specify if it's a complete rebuild (bottom end and bearings and all that) or just blown head gaskets. It does turn over when 12v is applied to the starter, so it's not locked up. Either way, with the engine on a stand there's no sense not rebuilding the whole thing while it's out, hoping to be done before the 351M says goodbye. Only costs me $300 more to get the full rebuild kit versus a gasket set by itself.
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