Valvoline synpower vs Amsoil glc vs John Deere syn

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Dec 16, 2017
Hey guys I’m looking at three greases to purchase and wanted to get some good opinions on them, they will be used for wheel bearings, driveline, suspension and steering. 1) John Deere multipurpose extreme duty synthetic grease (pn ty25744) 2) Valvoline synpower grease (pn vv985 and vv986) 3) Amsoil synthetic multipurpose grease (pn glccr-ea) Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you guys.
Have you thought about John Deere Polyurea? Been using it for a long time now and I've haven't had any trouble with it yet.
I've been using the Amsoil grease for quite some time now. The real evidence of how well it works is that I haven't had to replace a joint in any of my forklifts since beginning to use it. My lifts have to travel through a dirt/rock/pothole/mud field, and routinely sound like they are getting thrown down a chute, rather than travelling over level ground when they are moving over that nasty terrain. Of the three greases you mentioned, all are superior. I've just had the best experience with Amsoil.
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