Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen2

I wonder whats in this bottle? is it the gen 2? This looks different than the one on valvoline website but it is what the latest ones I bought at tractor supply look like.

Anyways I will be looking for a new oil for my 12v not interested in the lower zinc and phos levels. :mad:


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These might be a good choice for you. Valvoline is at Walmart and Travelers not sure but maybe tractor supply or attwoods.
Here's the Blackstone reports on the new 10w30 Gen2 Premium Blue One solution (CK4/SP) dual rated and previous 8600ES 10w30 Premium Blue CK4 rated oil. The latest report dated 9/2021 is Gen2. The engine is noticeably quieter with Gen2. We tow a 3 horse trailer in warmer months, and both had an equivalent amount of towing and use over the 5K mile intervals. I'm pleased with the new formulation.


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