Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution 10w30 at 5.5k mi / Cummins ISV 5.0L v-8

Mar 10, 2021
Posted this already in the HDEO section, but reposting here.

Here's the Blackstone reports on the new 10w30 Gen2 Premium Blue One solution (CK4/SP) dual rated and previous 8600ES 10w30 Premium Blue CK4 rated oil. The latest report dated 9/2021 is Gen2. The engine is noticeably quieter with Gen2. We tow a 3 horse trailer in warmer months, and both had an equivalent amount of towing and use over the 5K mile intervals. I'm pleased with the new formulation.

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 8.22.04 PM.jpg
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I would wager a nickel your last oil change (3/14/21) was gen2 in a 8600es bottle. 2018 voa of the same oil had 1k+ zddp. Nice to see low wear rates from the new formulation.
I don't have VOA going back to 2018, although I have been running 8600ES for the life of the motor until the latest switch to Gen2. They did change the 8600ES bottle about a year prior to the new Gen2 One Solution release. I think is was recommended for SP, but not approved yet. Thus, you might be right about them being the same formulation. I was initially distraught by Valvoline moving towards a dual rated 10w30 oil, but feel better now. I like Valvoline products. Would like to hear everyone's thoughts about the viscosity differences and whether the new Gen2 formulation may hold viscosity better. The 5.0 ISV shears oil and viscosity is not too bad after 5,500 miles. Seems to be staying in grade better.