Valero Gasoline

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It is listed as a top tier gasoline at every station here in TX. I have burned thousands of gallons of it through the years and never had an issue.
Valero is top tier and the one I drive by every work day is also one of the cheapest stations in the area so I buy lots of fuel there. Win-Win.
My ONLY complaint against Valero is I almost always have to go in and get your receipt.
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The local Shell station converted over to Valero. They had the painters come in over night to paint everything white and then they had new pumps installed and a new digital price sign put in place out in front. Definitely an upgrade over the old run down Shell station.
Either Murphy USA or Valero sets the price point for others to match in the Waco area. Murphy isn't top-tier, though - so for $0.01 more per gallon I gladly buy top-tier Valero gas. Valero is also in the habit of building HUGE gas stations, with 12+ pumps and a small grocery store/deli inside.
Neither good or bad. The name on the pump isn’t really all that critical. Valero is the largest oil refiner in the US, but the retail brand is complicated. Around here there’s a Shell across the street from a Valero station. Their prices almost always match each other, down to the cash/credit prices. This was true even before Valero got Top Tier certification.
Prior to Valero coughing up to acquire top tier status I had problems with both cars and lawn equipment using it. The cost of repairs was a bit expensive in my fixed income opinion and all due to bad fuel. I switched to Exxon, which was already top tier, and zero problems since. I have used Valero without incident recently but the past left a bad taste so I avoid them when possible. I'm sure it's fine now but they ticked me off. I wrote them after the incidents explaining the situation(s) and multiple mechanics stating the fuel was at fault. I wasn't trying to get anything from them but just alerting them to the problems and even pinpointing which stations were used. They never even bothered to acknowledge the email. mad
Costco or nothing! grin2 I think gas is gas, as long as it's a name brand station. I won't go to a mom & pop gas station.
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