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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
Each month I receive a magazine titled "EQUIPMENT TODAY." It is also available online to read if you choose to get the subscription this way. This months magazine had an article in it about oil filter analysis. I think it's a very good article to show how important it is to have an oil filter tested to prevent equipment (basically any type of engine filter) failure, how the engines internal parts are wearing, etc. If you own a business with tractors/heavy equipment, a fleet of vehicles (dump trucks), service vehicles, etc., this would be a GREAT magazine to subscribe to. thumbsup USA
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BOF - Thanks. I wonder what they would say if they did an analysis of one of these torn MotorCraft or Purolator filters? wink
Yeah, I wonder if they could figure out why the pleats keep tearing? And, on just a few, not all. I would DEFINITELY be interested in their findings!
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Yeah, I wonder if they could figure out why the pleats keep tearing?
This is EASY - remote mount dual filters
Sending my Fram Ultra to Fram after oci. Oil will have 11k-12k, filter 16-18k and they want it. Will be sending UOA of my Sopus frankenbrew too. Will report asap. Oil has 40 percent remaining with over 7k on oil. Highway driven with occasional 90-100mph runs just to hear Borla exhaust and to pass 18 wheelers. Might go ahead with aftermarket valves and retainers during my next mod fest.
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