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Aug 14, 2003
Buffalo, NY
I mail-ordered a refurbed iPhone 6S+ to replace my daughter's 5s that's been on StraightTalk wireless service through WalMart. It's a decent service and we intend to keep it and her #. Is is just a matter of swapping the SIM card from the 5s to the new 6s+? I've been all over the StraightTalk website and it's getting me nowhere. As you can tell, I'm not real cell-savy. Thanks!
swap the sim, Then call straighttalk from your phone. have your invoice/bill of sale ready. The idea is to make sure IMEI, sim car, voicemail, etc are associated in their system the "right way". also a lot of networks have checks in place to "catch" the stolen phones.... experience: my dear AT&T multiple departments.....
I switched from StraighTalk back to AT&T in 2014, and straight talk wouldn't release my cell phone number to AT&T! I had to get a new number.
Yes, just swap the SIM into the "new" phone. It should work just fine. Some sources say the phone getting the SIM should be powered off. I've done this several times with no issue.
I have ST. When bringing up a new phone, I make it a point to get an AT&T network SIM card from Straight Talk. The one that comes with the phone or in the BYOP, if you don't specify, will probably be T-Mobile (which is USELESS around here). ST used to have a BYOP kit that had about a dozen cards, for T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. That was great but I finally used them up, and now I can't find that kit any more. But a new SIM card is $1 at Walmart (never in stock except for iPhone, but you can order one in), or $5 from ST.
The used/refurbished iPhone is supposedly from the AT&T network and it doesn't have a SIM card installed. I'm currently letting it charge up. It was dead flat when I got it. When I get ahold of the 5s and do the SIM card swap, I'll post back how it goes. Thanks.
One more note, I've never successfully re-used a SIM card on Straight Talk. A move to a new phone has always required a new SIM card.
^ Indeed it does. I just got off the phone with Pakist.. I mean StraightTalk. After several attempts of trying it myself with the menu driven system, I spoke to a representative. After explaining I wanted to switch my # to a new phone, giving him a PIN I didn't have, IMEI numbers, SIM card numbers, etc..etc.. I was told I have to go to WalMart and buy the "bring your own phone" kit, which requires a call to straightalk to do this all over again anyway. Not sure why they took all this information ahead of time, but atleast I've got somewhat of a direction at this point.
BYOP kit at Walmart can be expensive if all you need is the SIM card. You can order just the card online at Walmart and pick up for free at Walmart.
Yep, I mail-ordered the BYOP kit from StraightTalk online. Free overnight FedEx even, for a grand total of $1.09! Indeed it came the next day. Tiny little SIM card packed in a ~10"x8x5 box (actually love the packaging for stuff I sell occasionally on eBay, etc.) Popped it in the "new" iPone 6S+, activated it online and good to go. The only thing I haven't sorted yet is to get the wifi calling turned on, on this phone. The feature isn't currently in the menus on the phone?
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Does StraightTalk have mobile hotspot function on mobile phones? Their plan descriptions on the website are quite sparse.
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