Update on MB 229.5 approved oils available in the US

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Nov 15, 2002
As DCX is moving the US bound Mercedes models away from 229.3 drain intervals to 229.5, the selection of 229.5 approved oils in the US is growing:

Mobil 1 0w40
Mobil SHC Formula MB 5w30
Pennzoil European Formula Ultra 5w30
Quaker State European Formula Ultra 5w30

Note: Neither the "Ultra" Pennzoil or Quaker State are listed on their respective web sites. All US bound AMG Mercedes models come with Mobil 1 0w40 in the engines. Other models with the FSS set to 229.5 come with Premium Synthetik Motorenöl 5w30, which is Mercedes-Benz's own branded oil.


Originally posted by TooSlick:
What's the price on a qt of the MB 5w-30 at the dealer?

I took this photo at my client's shop for his web page. I didn't think to ask him what he paid for the oil at the MB dealer, or even if he got it from the local dealer. He may have ordered it from somewhere.

He was busy that day, and I was just wandering around taking pictures for the web site when I happened to spot this MB oil on one of the shelves in his stock room. I was impressed that he had it, but not surprised. He runs a top notch shop and no matter what a customer's car needs, he'll get it. Example: he had a guy's Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow that needed an alternator and he was making calls to the UK trying to find one—until I put him in touch with the Bentley dealership in Zionsville, IN (what used to be Albers Rolls-Royce before BMW got the Rolls-Royce name, and VW got Bentley). They are the largest stockist of Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce parts in the US, and have been for years.
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