UOA on a stored vehicle

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Oct 27, 2009
I have a Trans Am I have not driven for two years. The last oil I put in there back in late 2010 was GC and I drove the car for about 1200 miles total, and placed it back in storage. She is coming out again this spring, and i was wondering if a UOA is worth it, considering that she has sat in storage for two years. I plan on driving the car a few miles, than dumping the oil. Your thoughts?
Honestly, I wouldn't bother at this point. Instead of spending the money on a UOA, use it to do an oil change once you take it out of storage.
With only 1200 miles on the oil I wouldn't dump it. As long as you got the engine good and hot everytime you ran it the time factor doesn't really enter the picture. I've seen UOA at five years with more mileage that show the oil is hardly used more than the mileage would indicate. If you still have doubts, have a UOA done and then make you decision on whether to dump the oil.
Sounds good everyone. I am more curious as to what goes on inside the engine and whether or not my LS1 likes GC as much as I think it does.
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