Under valve cover pics Honda J35 Accord

Aug 5, 2010
Crown Point, IN
I’m in the middle of a valve adjustment on my 2015 Accord V6 with 120k miles. I have owned this car since new and have always used synthetic oil that was changed every 5000 to 6000 miles. VCM has been disabled since the car was 1 years old. I hates the NVH that stupid VCM gives off.

Anyways, pretty clean for the most part and currently have HPL 0w20 in the sump.

I measured the valve clearance on all the valves before making any adjustments just to see what I was up against. To my surprise almost all the exhaust valves were loose and a couple intake valves. Now, I was getting nervous about that but after to searching on the internet I came across a couple Odyssey valve adjustment threads on the Odyssey forums that had the same results. All of the people saying that the exhaust valves get tight seemed to have older car. Just shooting from the hip but maybe Honda has changed some of the materials or the hardness of the rockers and valves. My car is still in pieces so if you have any thoughts or ideas about the then let me know.
Yep, both of my Non-VCM J-Series cars had tight exhausts when I did them. The J30A4 went almost 200k before I adjusted them and while they were tight, I don't think they were 'burn the valves' tight, more like just barely out of spec. The intakes were all on the loose side, but again, not hugely so.

The J35A8 in the Acura was much the same, but I'd adjusted it earlier by about 30,000 miles if memory serves. (~160k-ish).

I've wondered what Honda changed as well, or if they didn't change anything and just figured that most of the cars were going over 200k before they needed anything so they just axed the adjustment off the maintenance list and just called it 'if they're noisy' and called it a day since the cars would be well out of any warranty by then.
I was debating doing this on my dads 06 Accord 3.0 but not sure by what mileage I could safely wait till.
Conclusion? Did it resolve your idle concern?
Car runs out great still and valves sound quiet again but the slight vibration at idle that can be felt inside the car is still there. You can watch the engine run and it looks and feel smooth while standing there with the hood open but some how it’s getting transferred inside the cabin. Last tank of gas I did use a can of BG 44K fuel system cleaner and that combined with all the work that i did helped. It’s just not resolved 100%
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