Under intake plenum photos...

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Dec 23, 2013
95 Geo Prizm, 127K miles, I discovered a small fuel injector leak, so I decided replace the O-rings, etc on all the injectors. While removing the intake plenum cover, this is what I discovered. I started to spray break cleaner, but I stopped to take these photos before I started cleaning. That is why u see liquid pooled up on the lower part. I stuffed paper towel in the intake to protect from debris falling in. There was some but minimal sludge in the corners and hard to reach areas on the lower part. Before cleaning pics After cleaning pics Brake did an OK job at cleaning but I found that Berrymans Chemtool worked better. I replaced the injector O-rings, etc, and buttoned everything back up. I took the car for a drive and no more injector leak for now. I would say that the car runs smoother after the intake plenum cleaning, but it's most likely in my head as it ran fine before. The car does not consume oil. I may go ahead and install a catch can. FYI, the PCV was replaced 1000 miles ago and the one was in OK shape as it still rattled.
Where's all the oil coming from ... sucked in through the PCV system?
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Brake did an OK job at cleaning but I found that Berrymans Chemtool worked better.
Berryman's definitely cleans up this type of gunk like a dream. Back in the carburetor days, it would literally melt the goo away. Good stuff!
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talk about cheap gaskets. no wonder you had trouble. looks like the race to the bottom of the barrel.
FYI the gasket is OEM. It's metal and it's not cheap. It's the same metal gasket on the Toyota corolla.
Its my opinion most all dry intake manifolds do that. The PCV is only so effective in stopping oil. The mist still makes it to the intake. With Carb and TBI engines the oil was constantly washed away by the fuel.
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Prizm is the best bang for buck vehicle ever. I had one and nicknamed it my Magic Carpet
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Did you just spray it down with the Berrymans or did you have to use a brush with it ?
I used an old toothbrush to get it clean. The plenum cover cleaned up pretty easy. The bottom has took a bit of elbow grease. Not bad for a 20 year old car.
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