Ultra advanced particle size analysis

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Sep 28, 2002
I bought a heat exchanger off of ebay. The seller happened to ask about my username for my gmail account (flexblend) and wondered if it was for mixing of powders. When I told him it was for oil ..he showed me this down to .1 um He said that for $100k they can do a fine job (not necessarily that machine) and they usually cater to the pharmacutical industry (lots of $$$) ..but he said
but we also sell droplet size analyzers to the fuel injection industry, for example, and these cost around $50K. and we are now getting into Urea injection spray systems for diesel soot filters.
I, naturally, invited him to the board. I envisioned some demonstrations of this hardware with member provided fluids (wink wink). This world just gets smaller and smaller everyday. You just gotta marvel at the information age. [Big Grin]
Not open for further replies.