Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic/Acrylic Black Wax - Review

Mar 2, 2004
I'll preface this post by saying this is not a comprehensive review-- just applied this today, so it applies to application / ease of use only. Time will tell how it holds up, and I'll be sure to post updates. If it's anything like TW's Hybrid Solutions regular ceramic, I expect at least 3+ months of good water beading with this car being non-garaged, and only driven maybe 3 days a week.

I'm a big fan of TW Hybrid solutions ceramic-- in my 20+ years of using many different sealers/waxes, it's by far the longest lasting IMO. On black or dark paint though, it has a tendency to streak (even following directions to the letter), but the streaks go away fairly quickly after a rainshower or two. I found this "TW HS Ceramic/Acrylic Black Wax" at Menards and was intrigued, so I paid the $10-12 for a spray bottle.

This product comes out black and stains (to be determined whether it's permanent) my microfiber towels when applying it. It's not unlike the regular TW HS ceramic in its application-- be careful how much you put on, and if you're in the sun go quickly and only do small areas at a time. Clean, dry microfiber towel to get the residue off. It was low-mid 80's when I applied it with decent cloud cover, so not in direct sun. Interestingly enough, it didn't streak as bad on this black car as the regular TW HS ceramic-- when I first rubbed the wet product in across a large body panel (like the hood), I was disappointed at the amount of streaking. But it came off easily, a little more stubborn than a paste wax. Although it left some streaking that I didn't have the patience to get off (in my experience, all ceramic sealers do this; perhaps I'm just lazy), the streaking was mostly unnoticeable after a couple hours.

Had no trouble with overspray-- even though the product comes out black, it comes off windows and trim just as easy as the regular HS ceramic.

I can say for certain that on a black car it was an easier application than the regular stuff and took less effort. I'll let the results speak for themselves. One thing I can say about this older Chrysler, is they used a really good metallic black paint that year-- it doesn't scratch or flake easily and still looks good. I do have some clear coat peeling on the roof, but I don't consider that terribly unusual for a 15 year old car that's never been garaged.







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Have you tried it on the minivan in the background, wanna try it on my GS, has some real light scratches that this might help cover-up :unsure:
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I haven't tried it on any car except my black one, I'd be a bit nervous to try it on another color. I don't think it'd stain anything, but the fact that the product comes out black might make for some extra effort to get all the residue off is my thought.