TRIFECTA Tune - Colorado

I'm completely happy with the powertrain as is, however if it can be improved, I'd consider concern is warranty. With that said, I think it's best to wait until the warranty is up. Plus, how do we know what these guys are doing>

A review from the ZR2 forum:

"For my first post. I shall share my review on the Trifecta tune

I installed the tune this morning, left work and drove all over town. Here are my views on the Trifecta Chevrolet Colorado - 3.6L - Advantage+ for my 2019 ZR2.

The setup was super easy, I got the tuner 4 days after ordering it. Next, I sent my ECM code that the tuner read. I got my tune in a matter of hours.

I was ready to install it. Not knowing how long the flashing process was, I plugged in a trickle charger I had laying around my home to make sure I didn't experience any power outages. To be honest, it was overkill as the flash took 5 minutes tops.

Install complete! I was so excited to turn the motor on and drive it.
My first impression was the throttle is so much more responsive. Gone are the days, I would squish a sponge waiting for the engine to get the signal on a 56k dial-up modem saying go. The response and the additional powers are night and day difference to the point where you need to re-learn the pedal response as you look like a jack ass burning out trying to park lol.

On the freeway the downshifts are quick and the torque is so readily available that your traction control kicks in and throttles you down when you mash the throttle.

In a 0-60 situation, I feel the 41LB lb-ft torque on my butt dyno through the mid RPM band, and the 10whp up top. The engine sounds meaner and has enough power to get you going no matter the RPM and gear you are in.

All this was done in the sport mode. In the economy mode, you feel the same thing, but it is tamed down, and your revs don't go up as high.

But let us keep it real. I want to set the expectation clear. While everything above is correct. Don't set your expectations too high. This will not light up your tires in a cloud of smoke down the highway. Also, you may or may not feel the extra power.

What you do experience is simply better drivability. The car comes alive and is more fun to drive, the throttle response is instant. I wouldn't even consider a pedal commander after this tune. The shifts are fast and smooth. It downshifts into the perfect gear and doesn't struggle to find the right gear. To put it simply, the cars not lazy anymore.

As a gearhead, I have to give credit to Trifecta. I've owned and tuned multiple performance and daily drivers. From new model Mustang GT's to a BMW 550 v8 biturbo. This is the first time I genuinely enjoy daily driving the car even more. I feel that not only did Trifecta tune this car for more power. But they completely redid the engine mapping to make this truck more fun to drive.

I am thrilled with my purchase, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering one."
tuning a non forced induction engine added little power + required premium fuel BUT todays DI engines tolerate more aggressive tuning without pinging, the later VW 2.0 APR tune adds 56 hp + 79 TQ on 93 octane + on 100 octane its 70 hp + 95 TQ BUT of course its hard on a stock drivetrain + can cause issues!! lots of discussion of trifecta tunes on colorado specific forums
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I did a Trifecta tune on my '15 2.5 Malibu.
Was able to disable the AutoStop which was a main objective. Tune cleaned up the GM trans. logic which it's main objective was to get into the highest gear as soon as possible. Now it upshifts at a slightly higher rpm more cleanly at light throttle and delays getting into OD gears too soon and lugging down the motor less. Downshifts are now right there like the old days, yea I'm muscle car era age/guy.
Top end, nothing noticeable with only a few claimed HP but mid range feels a lot more sporty for what a family sedan is.
WFO it will ping on regular, audible ping so premium is needed for full throttle playing. Runs fine on regular if you stay out of it.
No change in MPG other than the initial drop and continual drop from playing with your right foot.
Compared to just a AS eliminator's price the Trifecta for a few more bucks was well worth it IMO just for the trans. logic clean up and seamless installation.
I'll add that my tune had a ''invisibility'' option so I'm thinking warranty issues should not be a problem for the average dealer scan for trouble codes for service.
Trifecta is a solid company that has been around long enough to trust. I have installed quite a few of their tunes for customers and each tune was very good.


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Yes toon would be if it’s good for emissions and longevity, why wouldn’t gm tune it that way from the factory?

If it compromises fuel economy and/or emissions, then is it appropriate to do?