Tractor Hydraulic Fluid ipo Dex 3

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Aug 29, 2011
SE Wis
Will adding 2-3 qts tractor hydraulic fluid to a worn out trans extend the life a little? Its a 2002 Ford Escape, 4 spd auto, 160k miles, the lock up torque converter slips sometimes when trying to lock up. If I drive with o/d off, the converter will lock up better in 3rd gear (at approx same speed = higher rpm = less torque to lock up) The trans fluid have been changed regularly with Dex 3. The car is not worth a new trans or rebuild. Other than the slipping lock up the trans works well and shifts well. I think type F would just kill whats left of the friction material. So I'm thinking tractor hyd fluid may be a little thicker and maybe hold a little more internal pressure and help the torque converter to lock up better. Thanks in advance for any help Flame away.
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Try a bottle of lubegard red. Surely a CD4E can't cost that much to rebuild...?
The car is in its death spiral. If I could eek out another 10k miles I would be satisfied. I've gone 3500 miles since it first slipped enough to throw a code. I drained and refilled with dex 3 right after the code. Not sure if it helped. The fluid was still clean that came out. There seems to be a trend here with Valvoline Maxlife and Lubegard red. Do you think that combo would be a good choice?
Valvoline Maxlife and Lubegard Red would be the elixir of choice for dang near any transmission. I'm about to put the exact same combo in a buddy's VW 01M, a 4 speed transaxle known for its horrible lifespan...
I think a total change with the 424 or John Deere Hyguard would work well. It is a better quality and thicker fluid than ATF.
I went with Valvoline Maxlife and Lubegard Red. It seemed like a much safer bet than using tractor hyd fluid. Its gone another 1000 miles and seems slightly better than before. The o/d light has not flashed once. But I am also much more aware of not driving in D with the torque converter locking and unlocking. I drive more with the o/d off and let the torque converter lock and unlock in 3rd instead of 4th. And I usually ease off the gas as it starts to lock up. I'll wait a couple months and drain and refill again with Maxlife and Red. I bet I'll get another 10k miles and maybe more.
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