Toyota Red and compatability

Jun 6, 2013
sw ohio
The thing about JD Cool Gard II is my general interest because it’s a product that I have and use. And @nthach knows their stuff.

It’s not a matter of over thinking. It’s a matter of a new to my brother vehicle which we are going to baseline all fluids and filters, and so knowing what was used, and what should be used for that vehicle, especially since the Toyota 4.5L I6 seems to eat head gaskets,,, Napa red is the easiest/most cost effective. Napa also has the peak red thus my interest in that too. Why not do the comparison? Otherwise why does this site even exist?!?
BITOG PPL (like you) are happy to help when they can. Sometimes, they just don't know. You can't just order up "comparisons" LOL. Feel free to avail yourself of info on the net- its there if you look...