Toughest battery I have seen.

Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
About 12/2018 a car was towed to the radiator shop I worked at for a leak.

Leak was a hole in the block where a rod had went out.

This battery was in the car and has a 11/2018 date code.

Could not get a hold of the customer and they never returned our calls. Car sat out back untill 10/2020 when the shop closed and the car was scrapped.

I grabbed the battery just to have a core if nothing else. It had 0 volts at the time.

I put it on a charger just for kicks. It came back to life.

It's rated @525cca....tested @650 cca!

I stuck it in my tractor for a year or so. Then the two 6v batteries in our trailer died so I stuck it in that just to run the generator occasionally.

It has finally died. Shows only 125 cca available.

Nearly 4 years of total abuse. I'd say it lasted very well. Of course the ones I have bought reciently are failing after just 1 year.


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