Topping off vs changing oil

I would do the oil changes every 7k miles. Each time you top off, you are adding fresh additives and oil, so your oil is fresher between the longer oil change intervals.
A quart every 2,000 miles isn’t terrible. Not great, but it’s not at a point where you are condemning the engine. The caveat being that this burn rate is pretty consistent and not happening all of a sudden.

I’d only start to consider regular top offs instead of more frequent OCIs when an engine is consuming a quart in under a thousand miles. Coincidentally, I’d also be looking for a new car at that point.

Footnote: this is just my benchmark. Different strokes for different folks- you do what’s best for you.
I had an 80 Chevrolet pickup that used 1 quart every 1k since new and Chevy dealership refused to repair. I did oil change at 3k and motor went over 300k with body rusting out first.
My '02 F150 uses a qt every 1000-1200 miles.
I am currently at 26 months/5,000 miles on my current oil change (Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20 initial fill, various xw-20 oils for top off, running a Mobil 1 filter).
I am due to add a qt, but am debating changing the oil and filter instead.
I have some Pennzoil Platinum 0w-20 HM and an Fram Ultra I was thinking of using and not changing for a few years.

Depending on the vehicle, every 7,000 miles is a good interval
It was more of a general question. I worded it as such.

But for those that are curious, the vehicle is an 06 Infiniti M45 and is known to have blowby at the piston rings. Normal oil consumption according to Infiniti is up to 1 qt every 1200 miles. Ours uses 1 qt every 1800-2000 miles. There are no oil leaks, it is all due to blowby. That alone makes me cautious about using Euro 0W40 oils, for catalytic converter reasons. We have used M1 Euro 0W40 and Castrol Edge Euro 0W40 one time each. Currently on M1 HM 5W30 and considering using Pennzoil Platinum HM 5W30 for the winter. UOAs here:
Based upon your first post and this information...

You are right to just change it every 7k miles aka 2 times a year and top off like you need to.

I could do the same with my lady's 98 Camry too.

Well actually... :LOL: Just did that technically not all that long ago going 8k miles and topping off with 4.5 qts. So there is that.
Another consideration is that Infiniti’s recommended OCI is 3750 mi and Blackstone’s universal averages are based off of 4100 miles. Would that weigh your answer more in favor of 3x 4700 mi OCI?
I tend to lose respect for an engine that consumes up close to a quart per OCI, so it's going to get Supertech FS at about an 8k OCI and maybe even a few ugly looks as I pass by.
I'm tempted to see it this way as well; low consumption just gives the impression of a better-made or healthier engine, but I've learned here and elsewhere that's not necessarily the case. For example I had an E30 325i that used about a quart every 2500 from the time I first owned it until I sold it over fifteen years later with 365k on the clock. Compression was always consistent across all six cylinders, the oil burn was also consistent, fuel economy was excellent and performance exactly what it should have been. It was just normal for that car.