Tires or Toyota ABS

Jan 2, 2004
Toyota ABS can be touchy with tires if they aren't all the same brand and model. I had a mix of BFG Touring T/As and Bridgestone RE950s on an old LS400 once and the ABS actuated down hills every time.
Originally Posted by Driz
Who puts 5th rate tires on a Lexus anyways? Isn't that some kind of sacrilege .
More common than you think. I see Primewells and Sailuns on Lexi, Audis and Mercedes here in the Bay Area. The local Lexus dealer sells Milestars for cheapskates. I'd put nothing less than Sumitomo's 2nd tier brands(Ohtsu/Doral/Aspen Touring), Hankook or Kumho IMO. Milestar has proven to be one of the more reliable Chinesium picks.