Tire advice - 2020 Honda Passport

May 17, 2021
open range
The stock contis are fine but as they have worn the wet and snow traction is getting kind of blah.

Get a second set of wheels with winter tires. Which Contis currently?

Primacy LTX- came up as an option. Had Michelin on my accord and was fairly happy. I see issues of these wearing fast

Why would Michelins wear fast? Personal experience? Which Michelins on which car?

Pirelli scorpion as 3-these are newer but seem to get good marks

Michelin cross climate 2-overall they seem to get good marks. Like that they are a three peak tire.

Both aren't bad.

Falken wildpeak at3- definitely more aggressive than the other tires, but would be a good look on the car and from what I read, they are well mannered

Look? Definitely more of an AT than an A/S kind of tire.

I live in Chicago and travel in all weather so snow performance is important.

Again, get a second set of wheels with winter tires. Noticeably better than any A/S or even AT.
Feb 4, 2022
Given that you live in Illinois, I would get the Michelin CC2's if you're not willing to get a dedicated winter set.