Tire suggestions for old Toyota pickup

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Jul 8, 2008
Since often time people don't update what they did with these threads... I did get new tires, and they're totally off in left field. I was going to go buy the Firestones. The dealer that had them was kind of a drive, since I don't take this on the interstate. They had told me they had a set the evening before, but when I got there they only had 3 and the guy acted like they never had a full set. There were several tire places near there, so I checked a few out. Finally I went to a sister shop for a local place (they have two stores) that does mechanic work and tires. One of the mechanics helped sell me on a set of tires, and at that time I was pretty tired of tire shopping. I picked up a set of "Thunderer Something A/T". They are LT rated, so they'll probably last forever, and they are a little more aggressive than the Firestone. They were also fairly cheap, and made in Thailand. This shop is pretty good, they definitely don't oversell. The mechanic was great, though some of the sales guys in there were not as helpful. The shop in town I've been working with on our work trucks and we've spent quite a bit of money there. They may have given me a better deal on the Yokohamas had I waited, but I hadn't been doing all that work at the time and didn't really realize it. The shop in town has been fantastic. Anyway, the tires run fine, aren't too loud, don't have any weird shakes or tracking. The truck immediately was easier to steer, and just a tiny bit of the edge from the bumps has been removed. Probably would have been even better with regular P tires. I came really, really close to buying a set of the Goodyear Wranglers from Walmart. They are cheap, and made in the USA. From the reviews I was reading they are good on pavement, even though an old design. Lots of complaints with damaged tires and blowouts though, particularly on rock/dirt roads. Since I have to drive one to get to work, I decided that probably wasn't the best idea.
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