Tire suggestions for an EV or MPG

I feel obligated to point this out:

There is a technological triangle for tread rubber compounds involving rolling resistance, tread wear, and traction - especially wet traction. In order to get better properties in one area, one or both of the others have to be sacrificed. OEM's do that because publishing a fuel economy number is important to them, but tire wear isn't. The traction part seems to bump up against a minimum value.

It seems that the there is a different test surface for tire traction in Japan- and it is different than what is common in North America. Many cars from Japan have traction levels that just don't work in the US.

Also "LRR" is a relative term. It means "Better rolling resistance compared to other tires with similar treadwear and traction levels". That means that an LRR tire might not have low RR values - just lower than its competition.
However, if a tire is also sold in Europe, then it would have the new European tyre label which has a rolling resistance grade in according to ECE Regulation R117
If a tire was also sold in Europe, then it has a rolling resistance grade in according to EU Reg R117, which contains the test.

Michelin CC2 215/55r17 for example
cc2 eu tyre label.jpg
but can we be 100% sure it is the same tyre for every market?
me personally avoid eficient hockeypucks. all savings may go down the drain, if you crash. :D
I wouldn’t install Bridgestone Ecopias on even a Prius. I tell my enemies to get those. While the mainstream OEs are installing LRR tires on their hybrids and xEVs, Tesla has been installing “sportier” tires. I’ve seen Pirelli P Zero Neros, Goodyear Eagle F1 and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on Model S/X and a Tesla-specific version of the Primacy MXM4/Conti ProContact on Model 3/Y. Toyota’s been installing the lowest of the lowest Toyo NanoEnergy or Dunlop Enasave on the Prius/RAV4 Prime and Bridgestone Ecopias on their other hybrids.

The new concern with EVs is road noise - Conti and Michelin has been gluing in foam bands on their tires for EVs. The Chevy Volt/Bolt have those.