Tire Dressing

Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
This is the product my son uses when he details vehicles. I had used a lot of tire dressing products in the past when l detailed vehicles, but never have l seen a product that worked as good as this. He usually pays $10 for it but it's on sale right now. If you want a tire dressing that lasts for awhile and doesn't wash off when it rains, try this tire dressing. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/...toyota/corolla?q=Tire+dressing&pos=4
Cool thanks gonna scoop up some next time i hit local "hook up" o'reillys thumbsup Getting tired of Meguire's and the others that "Sling" on my qtr panels and glass Dave
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I rarely go to Oreilly's but there is one near my work.... is their reward program decent?
nah, O'Rewards sucks, tbh. Take it from me I spend 6 days a week at one of those stores. Now, as far as tire dressing, you can't beat Griot's Tire and Trim shine. When using it as tire shine I like to just spray it and leave it. When using it as trim shine I like to spray it then wipe it off after a couple minutes.
Seems very expensive for what you get. Most bulk tire dressings can be purchased for under $25/gal.
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Thanks, I'll give this a shot. I haven't been able to find a tire dressing that I've been happy with.
If the tire is not multiple times with a degreaser and a stiff tire brush you will not be happy with most tire dressings.
The way I use the Amor All tire shine,is just to spray it on a paper towel and then rub it onto the tire.
I just happened to buy a bottle of Armor All the other day. Strictly impulse. Not impressed. I actually thing the Sprayway tire shine is better. Hey look, I'm 70 and I'm driving a 2012 Versa. Not exactly cruising down Rodeo Drive.
When bragging on a tire product it is best to describe the "finish" you are after, and getting.....an oily bright WET SHINE? or a nice matte black rubber tire look. I never want my tires to have that greasy wet look, but I do like them to look like a nice black new tire.
When I first started detailing on a regular basis, I always used tire shine products. Now I find them tacky looking, not to mention they attract dirt and dust and almost immediately look dirty as soon as you drive off.
This tire dressing l posted about DOESN'T have a glossy shine like oil. It leaves the tires looking brand new. And, it DOESN'T sling or attract dirt either! My son just sprays it on the tires and walks away. No rubbing, buffing, or wiping is needed. I detailed on the side for almost 23 years when l lived in FL. I had used almost EVERY tire dressing on the market. This tire dressing is a great product!
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This product produces a high gloss finish
Nothing looks tackier. Mothers VLR looks decent and not too shiny.
That's tacky as in grabs dirt, LoL … Black Satin also does what the name implies … not greasy …
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