Tire Decision help needed

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Sep 18, 2003
Have a 97.5 Buick Regal GS w/ the Supercharged 3.8 V-6. It's slightly modded and a strong runner. I currently have 16", 235/55s Yoko Avid T4s on it. Getting time to start looking at new tires. Since it's a daily driver, and see's it's fair share of Michigan snow, I need an allseason Performance tire. Now the 2 decisions, tire size & tire make. The 235/55s look nice, but I've seen 245/50s that look sharp. But, how will they be in the snow. Also considering 235/60s for maybe a smoother ride. The tires I've narrowed down to are: BFG-Traction T/As, FireHawk Indy 500s & Yoko's new Avid V4s. Thanks for your thoughts.
My vote if for the BFGs. I just bought an H-rated set of these for my Saab & they're fantastic. I compared the H-rated T/A to the new Avid H4S (side-by-side, bare tires off the wheel), & the T/A had much stronger construction & much less sidewall flex.

The T/As were also much wider than the same size Avids, so if you're coming off 235/55-16 Avids now, then the 225/60-16 T/As may be just as wide and give you an extra 0.22" sidewall height for better ride. (235/60-16s will give you an extra 0.46" of sidewall over the 55s. I'm using this tire size comparator. )
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