The ultimate gift for a BITOGer

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Jun 21, 2002
Come on, people.... you know you want it! Now is the time to start dropping hints for Xmas. Better get on the list before it's all gone!!

#48 Jimmie Johnson Daytona Speedweeks Race Day Oil

Jimmie Johnson Raced Used Memorabilia from the 2009 Speedweeks in Daytona. Oil was collected by a company called Safety Kleen from the #48 Stock Car driven by NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson. This oil was than certified by Saftey Kleen with a certificate of authenticity and packaged into an acrylic mini oil drum. Each oil drum is displayed in a custom case that measures 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall. Less 3,500 of these will be sold in to the collectible market.

I'll tell ya this much, whatever is in the little container could be some trick stuff from SOPUS. Hendrick Motorsports has their oil deal with Quaker State and I've seen drums of "special sauce" with SOPUS labels in the shops of Hendrick partner teams.

The real question for you BITOGers: Who is going to be man enough to do a UOA on this stuff? Admit it, you're dying to know...
get it drop shipped to blackstone!
Probably just some oil out of the tranny or rear end.
The worst part of this is that there is a sucker who will buy it.
There is a restaurant near me that has hundreds of pieces of Dale Earnhardt Sr. memorabilia hanging on the walls, including old tires from a race car.
IMO, it doesn't add to any ambiance to the place.
Originally Posted By: Kruse
The worst part of this is that there is a sucker who will buy it.

Normally, I would agree.
Unfortunately, I have no room to talk.

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