The affects of short trips on oil

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
Which type of oil would do a better job in preventing corrosive wear in a engine? A hdeo or a pcmo synthetic or a mineral pcmo. This is in relation to short trips in cold and warm weather. Interesting that my last oil report at only 2000 miles showed 31ppm of iron in the months of may and june. The engine is a 3.7 v-6 with 6000 miles. Lot's of short trips with lower speeds which increase engine temps. I would suspect. I looked down the oil fill neck and could see sings of rust and deposits. I was using Castrol syntec blend but changed to amsoil 10w-30 to see if the iron would come down. Yes the motor might be still wearing in but it seems that even in warmer months there is still enough condensation to cause major problems.
If your concerned, which it sounds like you are then just use a good dino oil like Castrol GTX and change the oil and filter every 3 months or 3K miles. Engine should never have a lubrication problem. JMHO
with only 6k i would not worry about your increased metals, hopefully they'll go down a bit more on your next oil change.
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Probably ,more frequent oil changes . There is a lot of condensation that doesn't get evaporated unless the engine gets to operating temperature long enough .
Something that most people do not seem to know; Gasoline (HxCx) combined with Oxygen (O2) equals Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Depending on the exact makeup of the gasoline, around 1/2 of the byproduct of gasoline combustion is water in the form of steam. Fill the crankcase with steam, shut it off, the steam turns to water. Do it enough and you start getting a lot of water. The effect, of course, will be much more pronounced in the winter, when it takes longer to warm the oil up.
"Which type of oil would do a better job in preventing corrosive wear in a engine? An hdeo or a pcmo synthetic or a mineral pcmo." Easy. Go for max TBN. But if changed frequently it's of little significance which "SL" oil you use. Typical TBNs: Kendall GT-X: 6.2 Valvoline: 7.0 Chevron: 7.4 Kendall Synthetic 5w-30/10w-30: 7.9 Kendall Synthetic 5w-40: 10.1 Rotella, Pennzoil Long Life: 11.5
Originally posted by cweed: with only 6k i would not worry about your increased metals, hopefully they'll go down a bit more on your next oil change.
Hi, if you could share your opinion. I'm in a similar situation about short trips, however, I tend to change my oil around 3000miles(Takes me about 2 and a half months, I clock alot of short trips) I'm using a 5W40 fully synth oil. Do you think this is acceptable? Thanks! Anyone else, feel free to contribute! [Wink]
[Smile] Thanks for your suggestion. This could save me a bit as I do get paranoid about lubing the ride constantly.. I even did it at 2000 mile intervals until my mechanic said that it was too frequent! A friend of mine whois a mechanic(another guy) changed his oil at 500 miles, that;s right folks, 500 miles! However, he did it solely just for kicks as the oil(fully synth) was free from the company he worked for. You can imagine the color of the internals.. nice [Big Grin] However, he's not working for that company anymore and once cost is factored in, I think no sane person would do such a frequent oil change. [LOL!] I'm trying to balance between waste management and good maintainence! [Cheers!] Do note that I am living in the tropics. It's hot and humid.. [Happy]
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