The 25 Greatest Songs Of All Time

My Definitive List (un-ordered and incomplete)

Baba O'Riley (WHO)
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
Talk about the Passion <and> Radio Free Europe (REM)
Pride <and> Unforgettable Fire (U2)
Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band)
You Can Never Go Home (Moody Blues)
Song For Sharon (Joni Mitchell)
Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)
Lose Again (Karla Bonoff)
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (Billy Joel)
The Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)
Summer Wind (Frank Sinatra)
I Feel Fine (The Beatles)
Release Me (Englebert Humperdinck)
How Soon is Now? (The Smiths)
Lovers of Today (The Pretenders)

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26. Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”
27. Luther Vandross “Here And Now”
28. Van Halen “Dreams”
There are more..
There are some good songs on that list. But If I took time to really ponder all the songs I have loved in my lifetime, I'm not sure if any, except perhaps Let it Be, would be on my Top 25. The list ARCOGraphite put together has more songs that would be good candidates for me.

I always get a kick out of "Greatest (fill in the blank) of all Time" lists. Isn't the author really saying, "Greatest Songs of My Time? What qualifies him/her to declare greatest songs in the first place, let alone of all time? There are some wonderful songs that my parents used to listen to. Their generation would probably have an entirely different list.
Unchained Melody would be near the top on any list on the planet.
Also Elvis: "Are you Lonesome Tonight", "Always on My Mind"
I think the best Elvis song is "Suspicious Minds."
Close second: "Fools Rush In"

Short life.. and not all of it dedicated to music.. twin brother died at birth.. drugs took him out.

Too many to list, great songs. We can try. And yes, the lists are always one's favorites..
If you want to hear what Elvis Presley is truly supposed to sounds like, give his early rockabilly 78rpm records a listen! (y)